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 the loneliest (vile #2)

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Yeonseok Seo
Yeonseok Seo
ÂGE : 28 ans - 08.02.1995
SURNOM : Seok; Seokie; Oscar; baby; asshole; gorgeous; la liste peut être longue, c’est pas dit qu’il réponde à tout le monde.
STATUT : célibataire pas vraiment à la recherche de son âme soeur, il ne croit de toute façon pas à l’amour et est persuadé d’être incappable de tomber amoureux, ce qui ne l’empêche pas de vogure de lit en lit.
MÉTIER : mannequin qui a acquis en quelques années le statut de supermodel, probablement grâce à son passé de k-pop idol.
the loneliest (vile #2) 9abd3d1775320f37cd7644e23dbdbaa544091b1f
POSTS : 36 POINTS : 235

TW IN RP : drugs; eating disorders; (postpartum) depression (allusion)
GENRE : Je suis un homme
ORIENTATION SEXUELLE : J'aime tout le monde.
PETIT PLUS : aquarius sun; leo rising; taurus moon - entp-t (debater) - dramaqueen - beauf - artiste polyvalent, il chante, danse, dessine, écrit, joue de plusieurs instruments - princesse dans l’âme - fake confidence, but confidence nonetheless - très calme, il ne s’énerve presque jamais - sentimentalement constipé - grand fan d’animés - fear of abandonment - adore faire des cadeaux à tout le monde - (trop) tactile - possède une collection de peluche - a whore - addictions diverses et variées - a une imagination débordante - makeup king - does a lot of dance covers on insta - regrette sa carrière d’idol
CODE COULEUR : il piaille beaucoup trop en #461177 (fr/en)
RPs EN COURS : the loneliest (vile #2) Ff1b15232650ea0757866e4da18d474e452093f4

RPs EN ATTENTE : the loneliest (vile #2) 7b069355b706bcfe97abb7b1598b9453ed6f6652

AVATAR : Lee Jaehyun (Hyunjae)
CRÉDITS : @avocette (ava); @jichangmin, @jjyubi, @l-sangyeon and @gneocchi (profil's gifs); @mingicodes (signa); @m00nbap (signa's icons)
DC : Maria Kersey (ft. Jade Thirlwall)
PSEUDO : hellebore
Femme (elle)
INSCRIT LE : 26/02/2023

the loneliest (vile #2) Empty
Message(#) Sujet: the loneliest (vile #2) the loneliest (vile #2) EmptyVen 17 Mar 2023 - 0:26

the loneliest@riley park
The crowd was ecstatic in front of him - them - their screams resonating in his ear even with his ear piece on and the lightsticks illuminating the stadium like a load of little blue fireflies. He could feel the pride growing in his chest and his smile getting bigger every time he looked at the public singing and dancing to their songs. He loved making music, and practicing choreos, and doing photoshoots and basically everything that came with his job; but being on stage was by far his favorite thing. Yeonseok could spend his entire freaking life performing in front of others and he would be the happiest guy on earth. He glanced at his members, skipping cutely to Qian once he spotted his fav hyung on the other side of the stage, making Ssherries scream even louder when he hugged the singer from the back. He knew they liked that, the interactions between members, displays of affection, of friendship and he was not going to complain as he liked cuddling his friend a bit too much. Yujun’s voice could be heard in the speaker and Seok reluctantly let go of Qian, break was over and  they had to get into position for the next song. A fan favorite, they knew it, and their reaction did not disappoint when they started dancing to the music, a few eye-contact to the people in the pit, a tongue licking his lower lips and a few bodyrolls later and the audience was going even wilder and Seok loved it. Two songs later and it was time for another small break, he ran a hand through his wet hair he was drenched from sweat and the water fight they had earlier on, the adrenaline pumping through his veins was the only thing keeping him from feeling the fatigue right now, so he naturally went to Youngsun for comfort when their leader started his speech. It was near the end of the show, but they had a few more things planned for their fans. One big thing actually and Sok could feel his heart rate speed up and his stomach twist as he heard Yujun’s « Ok so we have a little surprise for you tonight. Since you’ve been supporting us for years and never failed to show us how much you love us, we felt like it was only fair we return the favor and give you a little snippet of our next album. » to Ssherries and them yelling even louder than before. He was not well, guilt starting creeping up on him as he saw a few of the members smiling at him. « Seokie wrote this one, so please be nice to him. » The leader added and Seok was about to puke, leaning into his fellow dance crew member and hiding his face in the crook of his neck to try and come to his senses.

It was bad, he was well aware it was worse than this, terrible. He knew it then, he knows it now and he probably never regretted anything more in his life than what he had done to get this song. Was he going to apologize ? Probably not. Was he going to tell the other members ? Definitely not. The managers and producers of this song had been very clear, the less people involved the better. The song came to an end and without too much of a surprise their fans loved it. The opposite would be unimaginable, the song was amazing and definitely deserved to be heard by everyone. Playing it tonight in front of SHOT’s public was probably just not the right way to get it out into the world (it was actually the very wrong way do to it). The idols closed the show with one last performance and left the stage for the night after saying their goodbyes to Syndney’s Accord Stadium, Seok’s hand firmly gripped to Qian’s on their way backstage. « I wanna sleep. - You gotta shower first Jagiya. - I don’t think I can. Not by myself. - Seok.... - Come on, be quick we have to go back to the hotel. » He spinned on his heels to face the managers, let go of Qian’s hand in the process. « Sure. » He answered with a big fake smile, grabbing his things and heading out to the showers. « Jinnie?? » He asked unsure, because the last thing he was expecting to see was an angry Woojin in the corridor of the stadium, but maybe it was just the guilt making him hallucinate the whole thing.

Roaring 20s
Everyone here is a trophy and I'm sipping bourbon the future's uncertain the past on the pavement below me maybe I'll elevate, maybe I'm second rate so unaware of my status
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Riley Park
Riley Park
ÂGE : 25 ans (aries sun, taurus moon, scorpio rising)
SURNOM : sa famille utilise indifféremment Riley et Woojin, cherchez mieux si ça vous chante mais les possibilités ne sont pas nombreuses.
STATUT : célibataire, ne cherche pas l'amour mais serait content de le trouver.
MÉTIER : artiste à plein temps : comédien, auteur-compositeur de musique en contrat avec une compagnie musicale coréenne, également DJ qui anime les boîtes de nuit au cours de certaines soirées et dramaturge à ses heures perdues. Le samedi, on le trouve au dojo où il enseigne le taekwondo aux enfants.
the loneliest (vile #2) 1af019aa3ccf0fa368ea57ad9796e6a7d39a1915
POSTS : 89 POINTS : 440

TW IN RP : [past: blessure par balle, braquage, anxiété]
GENRE : Je suis non-binaire
ORIENTATION SEXUELLE : J'aime tout le monde.
PETIT PLUS : infj.a + pronoms he/him avec une préférence pour les termes non genrés + member of the Aussie Shakespearean Company + rappeur sur soundcloud + myope + great with kids + faux calme + nerdy artsy + workaholic + troisième enfant d'une fratrie de six.
the loneliest (vile #2) 4171a5316469c6fb9f8dea6e2e8f5ab5600e3daf


[ft. carl] [ft. sheldon] [ft. yeonseok #1, #2 et #au] [ft. sara]

AVATAR : kim hongjoong.
CRÉDITS : [ava: ©self] [gif profil: © yeonbins, multipeaches] [signa: ©siren charms] [icons signa: © louisissucha-teez-aesthetics, mimikyuusstuff]
DC : bellamy shin [ft. choi yeonjun] & carina welch [ft. dove cameron]
PSEUDO : avocette (she/her)
Femme (elle)
INSCRIT LE : 19/02/2023

the loneliest (vile #2) Empty
Message(#) Sujet: Re: the loneliest (vile #2) the loneliest (vile #2) EmptySam 18 Mar 2023 - 21:57

The loneliest

It was expensive and really, really time consuming but it was worth it : Riley took a plane to Sidney on his own to meet Chanhee who was already there and they would come back to Brisbane together two days later, after the concert. Riley couldn’t wait, he missed his cousin, but he especially missed Yeonseok. He wanted to see him badly for a while now, so the occasion was too good to be missed.

It sucked to live this far away from him, they were often texting but Riley wanted more, he wanted to be with him. So there he was, having dinner with Chanhee before they headed to the Stadium for the concert. Riley had bought his ticket last minute, fortunately for him, he got it at a cheaper price than it originally was. His cousin told him he’d wait for him somewhere in the arena at the end of the show so he could sneak him backstage and with that, Chanhee left him in the queue.

Riley isn’t exactly a fan of SHOT, he only is a fan of one member to be honest, but the show is good and even though he can only see the idols on the big screen from his cat 3 seat, the atmosphere is thrilling enough to get him on his feet and dancing all along. Yeonseok looks really happy on stage, Riley has a lot of compliments to give him about his voice, his visuals, his dancing - everything actually, he’s just amazing.

The crowd is cheering at every interaction between the members and Riley is slightly (really slightly) annoyed every time he sees Yeonseok hugging other people on a huge ass screen in front of thousands of people, but hey, they aren’t a thing, he has been very clear about it. Riley isn’t able to name what they are, “friends with benefits” doesn’t suit him since he likes the guy and the guy often buys him tickets so he can come see him in Korea (like, is it a friendly thing to do???) so he rather not think about it at all. Discussing it will just get on his nerves.

On stage, the group is about to sing something Yeonseok wrote and Riley is especially curious now. The idol didn’t tell him anything about that but it will surely be good, because Yeonseok is. The crowd is silent enough for Riley to hear perfectly well the first notes of a song he knows. A few seconds pass where he’s just frozen, his heartbeat loud in his ears, and his brain just tries to understand what’s happening. It’s his song, it might be a ballad he wrote just like that and didn’t plan to release anywhere since it isn’t his favorite genre, but he’d recognize his signature beat even though it’s played by the speakers of a huge arena.

That doesn’t make any sense.

Riley knows exactly what that means, but he doesn’t want to believe it.

He grabs his phone to text Chanhee, he asks him what the fuck??? to which his cousin answers ??

to: @chanhee
why are they playing my song???

Chanhee says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and Riley almost thinks he’s going crazy. It’s his music, he’s a hundred percent sure about it, but he doesn’t sell his songs yet, he just shows them to friends and family, sometimes records them to post them on his Soundcloud, but he never gave any of them to a company.

to: @chanhee
It’s my song the one they say Yeonseok wrote
It’s mine I wrote it

It feels like the show ends an eternity later. There’s a lump in Riley’s throat but he doesn’t feel like crying. Or maybe he does, he’s not sure about what he feels right now. Everyone is so happy and excited around him, it only gets him even more upset. When he finds Chanhee, his cousin looks embarrassed.

“You’re sure it’s yours?”

“Oh come on, you wouldn’t recognize one of yours?” he snaps.

“What are you gonna say to him?”

Riley didn’t think about that, maybe because he doesn’t want to believe that Yeonseok would do that to him. It’s already bad enough to steal someone’s work when you don’t share anything with the person, but to think that Yeonseok, whom he has known for years, with whom he talks all the time and to whom he flies (literally) anytime he can would do that? Unacceptable. It breaks his heart just to imagine it.

“I don’t know, he admits while following Chanhee through staff only doors. Maybe it’s not him, but it has to be, because he’s the only one who heard the song and who ever had access to Riley’s computer. Seriously, d’you think he’d do that, to me?”

“I don’t know Woojin-ah.”

Riley’s heart feels really heavy and his throat’s still tight. They have arrived to some corridor and Chanhee stopped ; Riley still doesn’t know what to do with himself and with his Yeonseok’s problem, he mostly wants to scream because the more he thinks about it, the more obvious it is that he’s been fooled.

“Do you believe me?” he asks Chanhee. Now he feels like crying, because they told everyone the song is Yeonseok’s and Yeonseok is a fucking star, unlike Riley who’s a nobody. At best, he's Yeonseok’s fuck buddy, or Chanhee’s baby cousin who stupidly grew attached to an idol. What if he wants to tell people but they make him look like a liar? Yeonseok only has to tell them that Riley wanted commitment and he didn’t, it wouldn’t even be a lie but everyone would think that Riley wanted revenge or a way to pressurize him. No one's gonna believe him.

“Yeah of course, it’s just, I don’t know what to say,” Chanhee admits.

Riley says nothing. He trusts that his cousin would have done something if he'd known. They just wait in silence for a moment, until voices can be heard and Riley recognizes Yeonseok’s. Shit, what is he supposed to say to him?


The guy dares to look uncomfy or whatever that is. Oh now Riley knows. He wants to yell. He kinda always knew Yeonseok was an asshole, but he used to find it endearing, like, it was part of his charm and he has many qualities to balance. What if he imagined it? Maybe Yeonseok is an asshole and there is nothing more in him, after all, Riley convinced himself that they were friends, but what tells him the man wasn’t just using him for sex? Or for his music ?

“I saw the show, he says, walking to Yeonseok. Chanhee follows closely, emotional support or something. Congrats I guess, you did amazing,” he completely ignores the other members, only glowers at Yeonseok. He used to like them, the members of SHOT, but they have to be accomplices, there is no way Yeonseok wouldn't have told them about the origin of his song.

- - All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.
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the loneliest (vile #2)

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